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At Limited Edition we use single use disposable needles for all of our piercing work. Every piercing gets a new needle. We use a mix of cannulated needles and blades depending on the job at hand and pierce only with Titanium, Niobium or Glass jewellery for an initial piercing. This reduces problems caused by metal based allergens.

Piercing is a practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating an opening in which jewellery may be worn. We aim to keep up to date on all new methods and practiced within the modification industry in order to give our customers the most wonderful and clean piercings possible. We are happy to answer all of your queries prior to a piercing to make sure you know all you need to know to be completely comfortable and ready to proceed. 

We have a large range of styles, materials and types of jewellery for purchase once your piercings are healed and are more than happy to fit this jewellery free of charge. 


For those of you who wish to start with something a little larger than the standard then we can sort that for you. We can pierce lobes at differing gauges between 1.6mm and 6mm as an initial piercing. This is a nice, safe and healthy way to stretch up to a larger size slightly quicker, reduces the stretching monthly problems, reduces possible blow outs and saves money on buying the interim stretching equipment.

Piercing Opening Times
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Stretching a piercing is the method of using larger and larger jewellery to increase the initial size of the pierced hole. This needs to be done slowly and in a clean manner in order to create a healthy stretch and not tear the tissue which leads to creating scar tissue. Stretched tissue can return to an initial size once the jewellery removed though this is not always the case. By stretching slowly and well, you leave yourself with a much better chance of having a piercing that could rebound back if you choose to do so, but if you think that it is not a permanent look for you, we suggest not beginning the journey.

Please contact the shop on 01302 325861 or to discuss your chosen piercings or to find out prices. Alternatively pop onto one of our social media accounts or just come on in to the shop and have a chat in person. 


Body Piercer / Shop Manager


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