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Dizz is our Masculine energy, he loves to draw up weird and wonderful things from wherever his mind takes him. He's happy with a good bit of traditional, black and grey, new school and even tribal and is currently on the go with some massive projects. He is an absolute whizz with cover ups and has a load of interesting and different designs already drawn to take your fancy. Will be bribed with cupcakes.



Beth is the resident dotwork artist, anything with repeating patterns, or sends your eyes funny then she loves it, she also works in black and grey realism, trash polka, neo trad colour and anything fun. She's into a good drawing challenge, anything to do with literature or films will make her excited. If you’re open to some new and different ideas then she’s a good bet to have a chat with.



Jodie is our newest apprentice, however she is already well on her way to being an absolute sensation. She specialises in hyper realism artwork and tattoos, and will soon be being unleashed on the public with some incredible deals. Be sure to snap these up quickly, as she will be in demand, we look forward to seeing her progress.



Sonny is our resident tattoo apprentice, and a lovely burst of youthful energy (we're not bitter). He is currently working his way through the apprentice process, and is perfecting his drawing style to make something very interesting for all of you lovely lot to adorn yourselves with. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media platforms to find out when he is ready to tattoo the general public, it won't take long, and he's going to have some incredible designs at fantastic prices when the time does come. Also...cannot take photos of himself!

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