Coronavirus Appointment info

We have now been given the go ahead by the Government to re open our doors, however this comes with added changes in order to keep ourselves and our clients as safe as possible. We are sticking to government guidelines and have sourced additional PPE, safe guarding strategies and equipment beyond the norm. Please be aware that all of these additional measures will mean things are running a little bit slower than usual.


If you are coming in for an appointment or consultation then please carefully read the following rules and regulations as failure to adhere to them may mean we have to turn you away and this will mean your deposit is lost:

Consultations must be booked in advance as we are operating a locked door studio.

*Please come to the studio alone, no companionship will be allowed at this time. If you need support then please do not accept an appointment at this time as we can hold your deposit until you are ready or we can relax these rules further.

*Please do not bring all of your worldy possessions with you. You will be permitted your phone or tablet which will need to be cleaned down on entry to the studio. Everything else must be left in the entry room in an allocated space.

*Do not bring food or drinks with you, as unfortunate as this is with the nature of our work, we must encourage as few outside influences into the tattoo space as possible. We will have water and confectionary available for emergencies, but again if you cannot get through your appointment without food then please wait until a later date to accept an appointment. 

*You must wear a mask. You will not be allowed entry without one. If you feel you can't cope with one then please take a later appointment when we hope to be able to relax these rules a little. 

*On entry to the studio you will be asked to place all unneeded items in a box and to use the hand sanitising station where we will also clean down you possessions needed for your appointment. Please listen to these instructions and follow them carefully. 

*If you feel at all under the weather, poorly or are showing any symptoms of Coronavirus then you must alert us as soon as possible. We are required to take your temperature on entry of the studio. However, we are dropping our notification period to 24 hours during this time in order for you to maintain your deposit as long as we know the day before your appointment. This is the best we can do at this time. 

Thank you all for your patience and support at this bizarre moment in history.


We are Limited Edition Custom Tattoo and Piercing Studio in the centre of Doncaster. We aim to provide the best service and quality of tattoo, piercing and body jewellery possible. We aim to give our clients exactly what they want, whilst instilling our wealth of knowledge into the advice and service that we provide.

After opening in 2009 we have had some fantastic clients come through our doors and some amazing tattoos and piercings leave. Our resident artists all work in different styles and are happy to help, advise and accommodate everything that our customers want from their tattoo. We also play host to regular guest artists from around the world and from our friends studios across the country. 

Limited Edition is noted for its high levels of sanitation and cleanliness and we exceed local authority recommendations. We incorporate a three stage sterilisation process and use a B type vacuum autoclave. We have a fully fitted and private tattoo area and a separate piercing room each with their own sterilisation areas. 


Take a look around the website and get in touch with any queries.


Please note that all of our tattoo artists are self employed and use Limited Edition studio as their base to create their work from.

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