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Please note that all of our tattoo artists are self employed and use Limited Edition studio as their base to create their work from.


We are sorry to announce that from 2020 we will no longer be offering a laser removal service in the studio. 

All clients that are currently in the middle of the treatment process will continue to be seen until their desired result. This will require clients to pay regular visits at a minimum of one session per every 2 months otherwise service will be withdrawn. This is to ensure all clients are finished up in a timely and reasonable manner. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

All Laser Appointments currently on hold. 

Our lovely Laser lady is due to go on maternity leave at the end of this year, and as such, she is no longer taking on any new laser clients, because of the time constraint with her absence. This is done with the best of intentions for all of her clients, new and old. 

All current clients will be seen as usual, and have been notified of the gap in service.


Generally speaking, 6 sessions of laser treatment over 6 months would cause a distinctive difference in your tattoo reduction, more often than not, enough to allow for a successful cover up without too much compromise artistically. However, the more sessions you have, the lighter your tattoo will become, making any cover ups to be more easy and viable.


However it is worth knowing that after your final session of laser, once you and your cover up artist agree that your tattoo is light enough to cover successfully, you must leave the area 6 months before you tattoo over any previously lasered skin. This is because your body is still responding to the laser treatment and may attempt to rid you of your new tattoo the same as it had been working on the old which would leave you with a badly healed new tattoo and more problems in the long run. The trick is patience with this one I'm afraid. 


Although lasering is incredibly successful for reducing tattoos, there is never any promise that it will completely rid you of your unwanted tattoo. There may always be some ink remaining, or scarring from the original tattoo process. This cannot be helped, and is massively affected by the manner in which your unwanted tattoo was done in the first place.

Lasering starts at £20 a session and increases depending on how long it will take to complete a treatment. The best way to find out how much your sessions would cost would be to pop in and speak to someone about a quote or to send us a picture of what you want rid of with an up close shot of the whole thing, and a distance shot so we can see how large it is in scale to your body. 

The first session you need to have is a test patch which is done over a 1 inch square area of your tattoo in order to see if you have any issues with the treatment. If after a week it is healing well, with no problems, then you can pop back in for the rest of the piece lasering for your first charged session. And from there we would suggest we see you monthly from there. 



To make an appointment for a test patch or ongoing laser work, please email us using the 'Email Us' button above and we can get you booked in. We currently are only lasering on Tuesdays and Sundays for new clients.